Jacob Relation – The Importance of Teen Fitness


Childhood obesity has, from being an aberration, become a cause of concern. Nowadays, there is increasing focus on the health of children and teenagers, and the lack of fitness in that particular age group is constantly under a spotlight. Naturally, what needs to be done is to devise ways in which teenagers can be encouraged to get fit.

Adults should understand that teens spend most of their time watching television, playing video games and eating junk food. They barely engage in any physical activity. Thus, they are an easy prey to lifestyle diseases like obesity. Therefore, it is important for parents to understand why they should encourage their teens to stay fit to lead a healthy life.

Exercise For Children – Why Important

Only when the body is fit and the muscles are strong, will it be able to withstand illnesses. This can happen only when physical fitness is an integral part of life. A strong body will lead to a healthy heart and more stamina. This will make your teens agile and prevent fatigue. It will also stimulate metabolism and strengthen their immune system.

Without any physical activity, metabolism will slow down, resulting weight gain. Obesity doesn’t affect their health alone. It will adversely affect their academic performance, lifestyle and, most important of all, their self esteem. One should also keep in mind that obese teens are more at risk of developing diabetes, heart problems and arthritis.

Once you understand why your teens need to stay fit, you should work towards pushing them to have a fitness regime. Sports are an excellent idea. Let them join their school or college sports team or even a local club. Apart from keeping them healthy, sports will also help them to develop their self worth as well as team building and leadership skills. You can also enrol your teens in swimming classes and gyms. Once they began to enjoy all these activities they will willingly participate in them.

Give your kids the freedom to choose what type of fitness routine they want to pursue. You can give them the option to cycle or walk back and forth from their school or college. Cycling and walking are excellent cardiovascular workouts which can rapidly burn fat and build muscle strength. Cardiovascular exercises are a good way to burn calories. Teens can also join cycling and rowing clubs.

For a healthy body, exercise is not everything. You should also take care of the eating habits of your teen. Exercises and sports will have increased effect only if the teens adopt a balanced diet. Completely eliminate junk and processed foods from their diet. They do more harm than you can imagine. Include whole grains, green leafy vegetables and plenty of fruits into their diet. This is a sure way of keeping your teenagers healthy.

Going Beyond Fitness Routines

To keep teens fit, you should also teach them to be responsible on their own. They should understand the benefits of a healthy body and should be willing to change their lifestyle. Show them the benefits of a healthy life.

Fitness for teenagers depends on the responsibility of the parents, the school and the teens themselves. Unless all of them realize that obesity is a serious lifestyle issue, and fitness is the only solution, then it would be hard for teens to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Jacob Relation – The Importance of Teen Fitness

Jacob Relation – The Benefits of Barre Fitness Classes


If you’re looking for a total body workout that burns fat and tones your abs, arms, butt and thighs in record-breaking time, then Barre fitness may be for you.

What Is Barre Fitness?

Originally developed by German dancer Lotte Burk in 1959, this form of exercise uses a stationary handrail called a “barre” and incorporates ballet poses and abdominal core training to target the thighs, arms, abs and buttocks. While based on ballet technique, it is not only for dancers.

The theory behind Barre exercises is different from most other fitness routines because its main goal is not burning calories while performing the exercises (although you will burn about 500 calories per one-hour session). The main goal is to develop and tone your large major muscle groups by lengthening and strengthening muscle fibers deep in each muscle core. A toned muscle will naturally burn more calories each day than a muscle that is not developed.

It is this deep core muscle development that increases daily calorie burn, yet keeps you from getting the “bulked up” look that other strength training exercise programs can produce. And because the exercises are anaerobic, you’ll keep burning calories for hours after a barre session.

What Is A Typical Barre Workout?

Barre workouts focus on using your own body weight as resistance, in addition to the isometric exercises that work muscles deep within each major muscle group trained. In certain routines, light hand weights may also be used. Due to its low-impact, barre classes are great if you have pain in your joints.

A typical workout might include working on your:

  • abdominal core with crunches
  • arms with light hand weights
  • thighs with pliĆ©s (basic ballet moves)
  • buttocks with kicks

Each major muscle group is worked until it burns. Fair warning: Uncontrollable muscle shake is very common after doing many repetitions of an exercise designed to target just one muscle. That one muscle is then finished off with a group of exercises designed to lengthen it. It is this continuous toning and lengthening that gives you the long lean ballet-dancer look.

The Results?

Unlike other exercise programs that take a lot of time before you see any results, many barre participants report results in as little as ten sessions. Many beginners try to attend at least three barre sessions per week.

While you most likely will not see results on the scale right away, you will experience a loss in inches, increased flexibility and achieve a more toned, defined look.

Look for barre fitness classes in your area and try something different. Your body will thank you!

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Jacob Relation – The Benefits of Barre Fitness Classes